Three Levels of Ford Electric Vehicle Charging

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, understanding the various charging levels is essential. At Brown Bros Ford, we want to make your EV experience as straightforward as possible. Let’s explore the three levels of Ford electric vehicle charging and what they mean for your daily driving.

Level 1 Charging: Simple and Convenient

Level 1 charging is the most basic and convenient option for Ford EV owners. This method provides charging through a standard 120 Volt (V) household outlet, making it accessible to almost everyone. The beauty of Level 1 charging is that it doesn’t require the installation of additional charging equipment, making it perfect for those who need a straightforward and cost-effective solution.

While Level 1 charging may not be the fastest, it’s a great choice for those with low daily mileage requirements. On average, it delivers around 5 kilometers of range per hour of charging*. The Ford Mobile Power Cord is your trusty companion for Level 1 charging, ensuring you can power up at home and other destinations with ease.

Level 2 Charging: Versatility and Faster Charging

Level 2 charging takes your EV charging capabilities up a notch. It operates through a 240V outlet, which is typically more powerful than a standard household plug. To access Level 2 charging, you may need to install additional equipment like the Ford Connected Charge Station or the Ford Charge Station Pro. This setup is perfect for those who require a faster and more versatile charging solution.

The Ford Mobile Power Cord also steps up its game with a 32 Amp (A) connector, providing Level 2 charging capability. On average, Level 2 charging delivers approximately 32 kilometers of range per hour of charging*. You can find Level 2 charging options at home, workplaces, and public charging stations, giving you flexibility in your charging routine.

Level 3 (DC Fast Charging): Speed and Convenience

For those moments when time is of the essence, Level 3, or DC Fast Charging, comes to the rescue. This level of charging operates through a 480V outlet and is designed for rapid refueling. However, it’s important to note that Level 3 charging requires highly specialized, high-powered equipment, both at the charging station and on your vehicle.

The speed at which Level 3 charging operates is impressive. In just 20 minutes, it can deliver approximately 86 to 125 kilometers of range*, which makes it an ideal choice for quick top-ups during long journeys. You’ll most commonly find Level 3 charging stations at public locations, such as those within the BlueOval™ Charge Network.

Understanding these three levels of charging is vital to optimizing your Ford EV experience. Whether you choose the simplicity of Level 1, the versatility of Level 2, or the speed of Level 3 charging, you can rest assured that Ford has the right charging solution for your needs. Make the switch to electric and enjoy a greener, more sustainable way of driving with Brown Bros Ford.

*Range values are approximate and may vary based on various factors, including the vehicle model and battery capacity. For more precise information, consult your Owner’s Manual.