Service Customer Information Guide


What to do when it is time to get your vehicle serviced:
Contact one of our friendly Appointment Coordinators in our Service Department at: 833-238-8346

Please Note that the appointment time is not the time your vehicle will be serviced. It is an appointment time scheduled to drop off your vehicle with one of our professional Service Advisors that will review your service requirements and prepare a work order.

Most new vehicles require a maintenance service every 8,000KM or 6 Months.

Our basic maintenance service package is referred to as “The Works” package which includes:
Oil & filter change | Tire Rotation | Multipoint inspection
After every service, you will receive a vehicle report card that will be reviewed with you by your Service Advisor. This report card will let you know what service has been done and what services will need to be considered in the future in order to maintain your vehicle.

How long does it take to complete “The Works” service package?
It will take approximately 2 Hours from start to finish. You have the option of waiting in our customer friendly service lounge or we can drop you off at a convenient location. A one way shuttle is available for local customers. The Appointment Coordinator will notify you if you are within our shuttle service area.

Where do I drop off my vehicle?
When you arrive, please pull into the Service Drive under the canopy at the south end of the building. Enter through the Glass door and your Service Advisor will greet you and review your vehicle service requirements.

What if I need a Loaner vehicle?
You do have the option to reserve one of our Loaner vehicles. However, to ensure availability, we require you to make a reservation 2-3 weeks in advance of your service appointment. The Loaner vehicles have a full tank of fuel when reserved. We require you to also return them with a full tank of fuel. Please note that we do not provide Loaner vehicles for our basic “The Works” service package unless your vehicle requires additional work.

What if I have an emergency?
If your vehicle is still covered under warranty, contact Roadside Assistance at 1-800-665-2006 to arrange for a tow to our dealership. Then contact our Service Department at and we’ll do our best to arrange alternate transportation once the vehicle arrives if the vehicle requires a repair that takes an extended period of time